Thermal Gels and Greases

Thermal Gels and Greases


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Thermal gels and greases are two types of thermal interface materials (TIMs) used in the semiconductor industry to improve the heat dissipation performance of electronic devices.

Thermal gels consist of a soft and compliant gel material infused with a thermally conductive filler material, such as silicone or carbon. The gel is applied to the surface of the heat source or heat sink, where it conforms to the surface irregularities and fills any gaps or voids between the two surfaces, improving the thermal conductivity of the interface.

Thermal greases, on the other hand, consist of a paste-like material infused with a thermally conductive filler material, such as zinc oxide or aluminum oxide. The grease is applied to the surfaces of the heat source and heat sink, where it spreads out to form a thin and uniform layer, providing a low-resistance thermal path between the two surfaces.

Both thermal gels and greases offer several benefits in the semiconductor industry, including high thermal conductivity, low thermal resistance, and the ability to conform to non-flat or irregular surfaces. They also provide a reliable and consistent thermal interface, even under conditions of high temperature and mechanical stress.

The selection of the appropriate thermal gel or grease is dependent on various factors such as the specific electronic device, the power density and operating temperature of the device, and the manufacturing process. Manufacturers offer a wide range of thermal gels and greases with different thermal performance, viscosity, and consistency to suit different applications.

Overall, thermal gels and greases play a critical role in improving the thermal management performance of electronic devices, ensuring that they operate effectively and efficiently while minimizing the risk of thermal failure.

Thickness (mil/mm) Heat Facing Dry Interface (mil/mm) Cooling Facing PSA Interface (mil/mm) Thermal Conductivity (W/m-°K)
20/0.50 4/0.10 16/0.40 >8
40/1.00 4/0.10 36/0.90 >8
80/2.00 4/0.10 76/1.90 >8

Thickness (mil/mm) Heat Facing Dry Interface(mil/mm) Cooling Facing PSA Interface (mil/mm) Thermal Conductivity (W/m-°K)
10/0.25 0, Both Sides PSA 10/0.25 >8
20/0.50 0, Both Sides PSA 20/0.50 >8
40/1.00 0, Both Sides PSA 40/1.00 >8

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