bare die chips

In the semiconductor industry, a "bare die" refers to a small, unpackaged semiconductor chip that has been manufactured but has not yet been assembled into a final product. The bare die typically consists of a small square or rectangular piece of silicon with electronic circuits etched onto its surface. These circuits may include transistors, resistors, capacitors, and other electronic components, depending on the intended application.

Bare dies are often used in electronic systems that require high performance, small size, and low power consumption. They can be mounted onto a printed circuit board (PCB) or integrated directly into a larger electronic component, such as a microprocessor or memory module. Bare dies can also be wire-bonded or flip-chip bonded to a package or substrate to facilitate their integration into a larger electronic system.

Because bare dies are small and lack protective packaging, they are typically more vulnerable to damage from physical stress, moisture, and other environmental factors than packaged semiconductor devices. As a result, handling and processing bare dies require specialized tools and techniques to ensure their reliability and performance.

Our company supplies bare dies (chips) of semiconductor devices, such as LEDs, LDs, PDs, ICs, transistors and diodes. Handling bare dies compared to packaged devices is more complex, as it requires additional operations such as die bonding, wire bonding, final encapsulation. On the other hand, chips can be used to either package discrete devices under your own brand name or to create a unique or cusomized products that are not available on general market like hybrid or multi-chip modules. Additional advantage is space saving as integrated devices will have smaller size.

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