GaAs MMIC (Gallium Arsenide Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit) switches are electronic components used in high-frequency communication and microwave systems. They are used to route signals in communication systems, typically at frequencies from a few hundred megahertz up to several gigahertz.

GaAs MMIC switches are designed to operate with very low insertion loss, which is the amount of signal loss that occurs when a signal passes through the switch. They also provide high isolation between the input and output ports, which helps to minimize signal leakage and crosstalk.

GaAs MMIC switches are often used in systems that require high-speed switching, such as in phased-array radar systems, broadband communication systems, and wireless communication networks. They are also used in test and measurement equipment, where they are used to route signals to various instruments for analysis.

One type of GaAs MMIC switch is the SPDT (Single-Pole Double-Throw) switch, which has one input and two outputs. This type of switch is commonly used in wireless communication systems, where it is used to switch between two antennas or between a transmit and receive mode. Another type of switch is the SPST (Single-Pole Single-Throw) switch, which has one input and one output and is used for simple signal routing.

92 96 35 2.2 10 Die
6 18 > 50 1.5 - Die

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