IC and Transistor Chips (KGD)


Ic And Transistor Chips (Kgd)

IC (Integrated Circuit) and transistor chips (KGD) stand for "Known Good Die". These are semiconductor devices that have been tested and verified to be fully functional before they are assembled into complete packages for use in electronic systems.

The manufacturing process for IC and transistor chips typically involves the creation of multiple die on a single wafer. Each die is then tested individually to ensure that it meets the required specifications for its intended use. The die that passes the test is referred to as a Known Good Die (KGD).

KGD chips are then packaged into complete devices that are ready for use in electronic systems. The packaging process typically involves the encapsulation of the KGD chip in a protective material and the addition of pins or leads that allow the device to be connected to a printed circuit board or other electronic components.

KGD chips are preferred in many applications because they are less prone to failure due to manufacturing defects or other issues. By testing each die individually before it is assembled into a complete package, the likelihood of a faulty device being installed in an electronic system is greatly reduced.

Most of semiconductor chips sold packaged, which means there is a plastic or ceramic casing protecting the chip from environmental and physical damage with leads that allow to connect the device to PCB or wire. However for some applications like hybrid, multi-chip modules and SoC many bare dice are used that are packaged into one package. In some cases there small size is required the bare dice are packaged directly on substrate, either ceramic, glass of FR4.

Group Subgroup Family
Amplifiers Operational Amplifier Differential Amplifier
    General Purpose Amplifier
    Precision Amplifier
    High Output Current
    High Speed Amplifier
    High Supply Voltage Amplifier
    Low Bias Current Amplifier
    Low Noise Amplifier
    Low Offset Voltage Amplifier
    Low Power Amplifier
    Low Supply Voltage Amplifier
    Zero Drift Precision Amplifier
    Audio Amplifier
    Isolation Amplifier
  Instrumentation Amplifier Single Supply Amplifier
    Dual Supply Amplifier
  Current Sense Amplifier Voltage Output Amplifier
    Current Output Amplifier
  Video Amps/Buffers/Filters Fixed Gain Amplifier
    LCD Gamma Buffer
  RF Gain Block Amplifier  
  Difference Amplifier  
  Programmable Gain Amplifier  
  Variable Gain Amplifier  
  Logarithmic Amplifier  
  Transimpedance Amplifier  
Clocks & Timers Fanout Buffer Differential Clock Buffer
    Divider Clock Buffer
    Single-Ended Clock Buffer
    Programmable Clock Buffer
  Zero Delay Buffer Zero Delay Clock Buffer
  Clock Generator General Clock Generator
    Low Jitter Clock Generator
  Clock Jitter Cleaner Single-Loop PLL Jitter Cleaner
  RF PLL and Synthesizer  
  Programmable Clock EEPROM Programmable Clock
    In-System Programmable Clock
  Memory Interface Clock & Register DDR2 Register
    DDR2 PLL
    SDR Clock Driver
    RAMBUS/XDR Clock
    Wired Comms/Networking/Storage
    Wireless Clocks
    Processor/SoC & FPGA Clocks
    Real-Time Clock
Isolated IC Digital Digital Isolator IC
  Power Management Isolated Gate Driver
Memory Asynchronous SRAM High Speed SRAM
    Low Power SRAM
    Serial I2C (2-Wire)
  Flash Parallel NOR
    Serial NOR
  DRAM - DDR Low Power DDR2
    Mobile DDR
  Synchronous DRAM - SDR  
  Synchronous SRAM Flow-Through
Power Management Offline and Isolated AC/DC & DC/DC Controllers and Converters Synchronous Rectifier
    PWM and Resonant Controller
    Power Factor Correction IC
    Feedback Signal Generator
    Load Share Controller
  DC/DC Converter Step-Down (Buck) Converter
    Step-Up (Boost) Converter
    Buck/Boost Converter
    Inverting Converter
    Isolated DC/DC Converter
  DC/DC Controller Step-Down (Buck) Controller
    Step-Up (Boost) Controller
    Buck/Boost,Inverting Controller
  Charge Pump Step-Down Charge Pump
    Boost Charge Pump
    Buck/Boost Charge Pump
    Inverting Charge Pump
  DC/DC Multi-phase Controller  
  DDR Memory Power IC  
  Voltage Regulators  
  Multi-Channel LDO  
  LDO Controller (External FET)  
  Battery Management Battery Charger IC
    Battery Fuel Gauge IC
    Battery (Li-Ion) Protection IC
  LCD/OLED Display Bias IC  
  LED Driver Backlight Driver IC
    Signage/Linear Driver IC
    LED Lighting Driver IC
    Discrete Segment driver
  Power Management Multi-Channel IC  
  Power Over Ethernet (PoE)/LAN Solutions  
  Power Protection, Distribution, Monitoring eFuses (Integrated FET)
    Positive Voltage Control
    -48V Power Management IC
    PCMCIA/Cardbus Switch Matrix
  USB Power and Load Switches Fixed Current Limited Switch
    Switch with LDO
    Current-Limited Load Switch
    Power Multiplexer (MUX)
  Digital Power Isolated Controller  
  Voltage Reference Shunt Voltage Reference
    Current Voltage Reference
    Series Voltage Reference
  Supervisor & Reset IC  
  Power Supply Sequencer IC  
  Power Management Special Functions Motion/Motor Control IC
    Schottky Diode Array
    Telecom Ringer
    CCFL Backlight Controller
    HID Lamp Controller
    Interface Controlled Pre-FET Drivers
  MOSFET & IGBT Gate Drivers Half-Bridge Driver
    Low-side Gate Driver
    Multiple MOSFET Driver
    Full-Bridge Driver
    Dual MOSFET Driver
Switches & Multiplexers Signal Switches Analog Signal Switch
    Digital Signal Switch
  Load Switches Smart Power Load Switch
    Current-Limited Load Switch
  Multiplexer/Demultiplexer Analog Mux / Demux
    Digital Mux / Demux
    Power Multiplexer
    Translating Mux/Demux
  USB/MHL Switch  
  HDMI/LAN/VGA/DDR/Video Switch  
  Capacitive Switches  
Audio Speaker Amplifer and Monitor Dynamic Speaker Amplifier
    Mid/High-Power Amplifier
  Audio Amplifier Headphone Amplifier
    Operational Amplifier
  Audio Subsystem Amplifier  
  Line Driver / Receiver  
  Touch Screen Controller+Audio  
  Digital Audio Interface  
  Volume Control  
Data Converters Analog To Digital Converter Current Input ADC
    High Speed ADC (>10MSPS)
    Precision ADC (<=10MSPS)
  Digital To Analog Converter High Speed DAC (>10MSPS)
    Precision DAC With 4 to 20mA Current Output
    Integrated Precision ADC+DAC
    Touch Screen Controller
    Precision DAC (=<10MSPS)
  Analog Front End Medical Analog Front End
    CCD Interface
  Mixed-Signal MicroSystem  
  Audio Dataconverters  
  Voltage Reference Shunt Voltage Reference
    Current Voltage Reference
    Series Voltage Reference
Linear Comparator  
  PWM Power Driver  
  Sensor Conditioning  
  Integrated Motor Driver  
  Temperature Sensors  
  Voltage Reference  
  Analog Multiplier  
Microcontroller 16-bit Ultra-Low Power MCU
    Ultra-Low Power MCU+LCD Driver
    RF SoC MCU
    Embedded FRAM MCU
  32-bit Fixed Point Real Time Control MCU
    Floating Point Real Time Control MCU
    ARM® Cortex®-M3
    ARM® Cortex®-M0+
Broadband RF/IF RF Gain Block Amplifier  
  IQ Modulator  
  RF PLLs and Synthesizers  
Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Fixed and Floating Point  
  16-Bit Fixed Point  
  Fixed Point  
  Floating Point  
  Digital Media Processor  
  Applications Processor  
Interface CAN  
  Signal Conditioners  
  Other Interface  
  Serializer, Deserializer  
  ESD/EMI Protection  
  Voltage Level Translation  
Logic Buffer/Driver/Transceiver Inverting Buffer/Driver
    Non-Inverting Buffer/Driver
    Parity Transceiver
    Registered Transceiver
    Standard Transceiver
  Gate AND Gate
    NAND Gate
    OR Gate
    NOR Gate
    XOR (Exclusive OR) Gate
    XNOR (Exclusive NOR) Gate
    Combination logic Gate
    Configurable Gate
    Power Logic Gate
  Flip-Flop/Latch/Register D-Type Flip-Flop
    J-K Flip-Flop
    D-Type Latch
    Other Logic Latch
    Shift Register
    FIFO Register
  Signal Switches  
  Universal Bus Universal Bus Driver (UBD)
    Universal Bus Exchanger (UBE)
    Universal Bus Transceiver (UBT)
  Specialty Logic Boundary Scan (JTAG) Logic
    Bus Termination Array/Network
    DIMM Memory Driver/Transceiver
    IEEE-1284 Parallel Port Interface (PPI)
    Gate & Delay Logic Elements
    Monostable Multivibrator
    Phase-Locked-Loop / Oscillator
    Programmable Logic
    Rate Multiplier/Frequency Divider/Timer
    Counter/Arithmetic/Parity Logic
    Digital Comparator
  Backplane Logic (GTL/TTL/BTL/ECL Transceiver/Translator)  
  Voltage Level Translation  
  Ultra-Small & Low Voltage  
Sensor Products Temperature Sensors  
  Opto Sensors  
  Current Sense Amplifier  
  Inductive Sensing  
  Pressure Sensing  
  Other Sensor Signal Conditioners  
  Capacitive Sensing
Group Family
  Small-Signal MOSFET
RF Bipolar Junction (BJT) NPN RF Bipolar Transistor
  PNP RF Bipolar Transistor
Bipolar Junction (BJT) NPN Bipolar Transistor
  PNP Bipolar Transistor
  NPN Darlington Transistor
  PNP Darlington Transistor
IGBT 600V & 650V IGBT
  1200V IGBT
  1700V IGBT
JFET P-Channel Switch / Chopper
  N-Channel Switch / Chopper
  N-Channel RF, VHF, UHF
  N-Channel Low Noise Amp.
  P-Channel Low Noise Amp.
  N-Channel Low Leakage
  N-Channel Dual Monolithic
  P-Channel Dual Monolithic

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