Line Array PbS Near-IR Detector


Line Array PbS Near-IR Detector

A line array PbS (lead sulfide) near-IR detector is a type of photodetector that is sensitive to near-infrared (NIR) radiation, and it consists of an array of individual PbS pixels arranged in a linear array.

The basic operation of the PbS detector is the same as for the single-pixel version, with each pixel consisting of a thin layer of lead sulfide that absorbs NIR radiation, causing electrons to be excited and generate a photocurrent. However, in a line array detector, the pixels are arranged in a linear fashion, allowing for the detection of NIR radiation across a specific linear region.

Line array PbS near-IR detectors offer several advantages over other types of detectors. They are particularly useful for applications that require detection of NIR radiation in a specific linear region, such as in spectroscopy or process monitoring. They are also relatively low-cost and can be used in a variety of applications such as gas sensing, medical imaging, and environmental monitoring.

However, line array PbS detectors also have some limitations. They are more susceptible to noise than single-pixel detectors due to the larger number of pixels and the resulting increase in electrical connections. They are also sensitive to temperature fluctuations, which can affect their performance.

Line array IR detector chips are used in spectroscopy, fire and spark detection and monitoring, moisture level monitoring. These arrays can produced with very fine pitch of up to 20um.

Electrical and optical characteristics per pixel

Element temperature [°C] Peak wavelength λP
20% cut-off
wavelength λC
Peak (620 Hz, 1 Hz)[cm·Hz½/W] Time constant
Dark resistance RD
Typ. Typ. Typ. Min. Typ.
22 2.7 2.9 1 ∙ 1011 0.5 ∙ 1011 200 3 - 20

Possible mechanical characteristics:
• Number of pixels 1 - 512
• Minimum pixel width 20 µm
• Minimum pixel height 20 µm
• Minimum pixel pitch 50 µm
• Minimal chip length 3000 µm
• Minimal chip height 3000 µm

Exemplary mechanical characteristics

of pixels
256 50 40x380 -30 to +70

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