Broad Area (BA) Laser Diode Chip

Broad Area (BA) Laser Diode Chip


Broad Area (BA) Laser Diode Chip

A Broad Area (BA) laser diode chip is a type of laser diode chip that has a larger active region compared to FP, DFB or DBR laser diode chips. The larger active region results in a larger emitting aperture, which allows for higher output power but also results in a broader spectral linewidth and multiple longitudinal modes.

When a voltage is applied across the p-n junction of the BA laser diode chip, electrons and holes are injected into the active region, where they recombine and emit photons. The photons are amplified as they travel through the active region and are emitted through the larger aperture.

BA laser diode chips are widely used in applications where high output power is required, such as materials processing, pumping of solid-state lasers, and some medical applications. However, their broad spectral linewidth and multiple longitudinal modes make them less suitable for telecommunications and sensing applications that require a narrow linewidth and single longitudinal mode.

To improve the performance of BA laser diode chips, various techniques such as asymmetric waveguides and tapered active regions have been developed to reduce the threshold current and improve the output power while maintaining a single longitudinal mode. Additionally, external cavity techniques such as external gratings can be used to further stabilize the emission wavelength and enhance the output power.

Wavelength Output Power
Stripe 90um Stripe 130um Stripe 250um
678 0.6W    
785 2W    
808 3.5W    
1030 6W 8W 12W, 15W
1060 6W 8W 12W, 15W
1100 6W 8W 12W, 15W
1120 6W 8W 12W, 15W
1150 4W 5W 9W
1180 4W 5W 9W
1200 4W 5W 9W
1210 4W 5W 9W
1270 4W 5W 9W
1310 4W 5W 9W

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