Electro Absorptive Modulated (EML) Laser Diode Chips

Electro Absorptive Modulated (EML) Laser Diode Chips


Electro Absorptive Modulated (EML) Laser Diode Chips

An Electro Absorptive Modulated (EML) laser diode chip is a type of laser diode chip that uses an electro-absorption modulator (EAM) to modulate the intensity of the light emitted from the laser diode. The EAM is integrated with the laser diode chip, which enables the modulation of the light without the need for an external modulator.

When a voltage is applied across the EAM section of the EML laser diode chip, the absorption characteristics of the material change, which in turn modulates the intensity of the light emitted from the laser diode. The EAM section can be designed to operate at a specific wavelength, which allows for the modulation of a specific wavelength of light.

EML laser diode chips are widely used in high-speed optical communication systems, such as optical fiber communications and data center interconnects. They offer high modulation speed, low chirp, and low drive voltage, which make them ideal for high-speed digital modulation.

To improve the performance of EML laser diode chips, various techniques such as impedance matching and temperature stabilization can be used to reduce the drive voltage and increase the modulation bandwidth. Additionally, external cavity techniques such as distributed Bragg reflectors (DBRs) can be used to further stabilize the emission wavelength and enhance the output power.

Electro Absorptive Modulated or EML LD chips are laser diodes with integrated electro absorptive modulator section in one chip. EML laser chips are used in telecom applications that require longer distances and higher data rate.

Data Rate Wavelength Carrier
56Gb/s CWDM, LR8 Bare die, CoC
100Gb/s CWDM, LR8  
10Gb/s CWDM  
16Gb/s O-band  
28Gb/s CWDM  
28Gb/s LAN-WDM  
28Gb/s PSM4  
56Gb/s PAM4  
112Gb/s CWDM  
25Gb/s NRZ  
50Gb/s PAM4  
100Gb/s LAN-WDM

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