Fabry Perot (FP) Laser Diode Chip

Fabry Perot (FP) Laser Diode Chip


Fabry Perot (FP) Laser Diode Chip

A Fabry-Perot (FP) laser diode chip is a type of laser diode chip that uses a Fabry-Perot cavity to generate a laser beam. The Fabry-Perot cavity is formed by two parallel mirrors that are positioned on either side of the active region of the laser diode chip.

When a voltage is applied across the p-n junction of the laser diode chip, electrons and holes are injected into the active region, where they recombine and emit photons. The photons travel back and forth between the mirrors of the Fabry-Perot cavity, building up in intensity until they are emitted as a coherent laser beam through one of the mirrors.

FP laser diode chips are widely used in telecommunications and optical data storage because they offer a relatively high output power and a narrow spectral linewidth. However, they are also prone to mode hopping, which can cause fluctuations in the output power and wavelength. To minimize mode hopping, FP laser diode chips are often operated with a stable current source and temperature control to maintain the cavity length and stabilize the emission wavelength.

Fabry-Perot LD chips are available in the wavelength range from visible to infrared. They can be single mode and multi mode and are supplied as bare dice or as chips on submount CoS or chip on carrier CoC.

Wavelength Output Power Drive Current Spatial Mode Package
740nm 10mW 60mA Single Mode bare die,
765nm 30mW 40mA Single Mode CoC
780nm 100mW 30mA Single Mode CoS
810nm 100mW 50mA Single Mode  
850nm 100mW 25mA Single Mode  
875nm 100mW 30mW Single Mode  
940nm 100mW 20mW Single Mode  
980nm 150mW 60mW Single Mode  
1060nm 80mW 20mW Single Mode  
1080nm 50mW 20mW Single Mode  
1260nm 10mW 20mW Single Mode  
1310nm 10mW 20mW Single Mode  
1330nm 10mW 20mW Single Mode  
1410nm 10mW 20mW Single Mode  
1480nm 10mW 20mW Single Mode  
1530nm 10mW 16mW Single Mode  
1560nm 10mW 16mW Single Mode  
1630nm 5mW 19mW Single Mode  
1650nm 5mW 19mW Single Mode  
1690nm 5mW 19mW Single Mode

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