Laser Diode Pump Module Chip Arrays

Laser Diode Pump Module Chip Arrays


Laser Diode Pump Module Chip Arrays

Laser diode pump module chip arrays are used in fiber laser pumping and materials processing applications. They come in microchannel stack and conduction cooling stack packages.

Laser Diode Pump Module Chip Arrays (LDPMAs) are semiconductor devices that are used to pump solid-state and fiber lasers. These devices typically consist of an array of individual laser diodes that are integrated with optics and electronics to provide high-power output and efficient coupling of the light into the laser medium.

Each individual laser diode in an LDPM array is designed to emit light in a narrow spectral range, typically in the near-infrared region. The output power of each laser diode can range from a few watts to tens of watts, depending on the design and size of the device.

The primary function of an LDPM array is to provide optical pumping to a solid-state or fiber laser medium. The high-power output of the array is coupled into the laser medium, where it is absorbed by the active ions or molecules and causes them to undergo a stimulated emission process. This process results in the emission of coherent light from the laser medium.

The fabrication process for LDPM arrays typically involves epitaxial growth of the active and cladding layers on a substrate, followed by lithography and etching to define the device structure. The individual laser diodes are then formed by cleaving or dicing the device into smaller pieces, each containing one or more laser diodes.

LDPM arrays are often packaged with additional optics and electronics to enable efficient coupling of the light into the laser medium and to provide thermal management to dissipate the heat generated by the high power output of the device.

Overall, LDPM arrays provide high-power and efficient optical pumping that make them suitable for a range of industrial and scientific applications, including materials processing, medical equipment, and laser spectroscopy.

Macro channel stack 600W-16500W 760nm-1100nm
Conduction cooling stack 4000W-1000W 760nm-1100nm
Macro channel horizontal stack 300W-3000W 760nm-1100nm
Macro channel stack 4000W-10000W 760nm-1100nm
Micro channel stack 2500W-15000W 760nm-1100nm
Whole micro channel stack 700W-3500W 760nm-1100nm

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