Resonant Cavity (RC) LED Chips

 Resonant Cavity (RC) LED Chips


 Resonant Cavity (RC) LED Chips

Resonant cavity or RC LED chips come in wavelength range from 650nm to 1270nm and are mainly used in plastic optical fiber (POF) communication systems. Mid-IR RCLED chips are used in gas detection and other sensing applications.

Resonant Cavity (RC) LED Chips are a type of light-emitting diode (LED) that is designed to enhance the efficiency and output power of conventional LEDs. RC LEDs achieve this by trapping the light inside a resonant cavity, which is a structure that confines the light within the LED chip and enhances the interaction between the light and the active region of the device.

The resonant cavity is typically formed by sandwiching a layer of high-refractive-index material between two layers of low-refractive-index material. This creates a structure with a high reflectivity, which traps the light inside the active region of the LED and increases the probability of it being absorbed by the material and converted into light.

The active region of an RC LED chip typically consists of a layer of gallium nitride (GaN) or indium gallium nitride (InGaN) that emits blue or green light. The resonant cavity is designed to enhance the efficiency of the emission process by increasing the interaction between the light and the active region. This results in a higher output power and a more efficient conversion of electrical energy into light.

RC LEDs have several advantages over conventional LEDs, including higher efficiency, higher output power, and a narrower spectral linewidth. This makes them particularly well-suited for applications such as solid-state lighting, displays, and optical communications.

The fabrication process for RC LED chips is similar to that of conventional LEDs, with additional steps to create the resonant cavity structure. The process typically involves epitaxial growth of the active region and the resonant cavity layers, followed by lithography and etching to define the device structure.

Wavelength Output Power Tuning (total)
850nm 2mW 128um
650nm 0.2mW 25um
650nm 0.2mW 30um
650nm 0.2mW 50um
930nm 15mW
960nm 6mW
1170nm 10mW
1240nm 3mW
1270nm 3mW

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