PIN Photodiode Chips

PIN Photodiode Chips


PIN Photodiode Chips

A PIN photodiode chip is a type of photodiode that has an intrinsic layer (I) sandwiched between a p-type semiconductor (P) and an n-type semiconductor (N). The PIN structure creates a larger depletion region compared to a conventional p-n junction photodiode, which results in higher sensitivity and lower noise.

PIN photodiode chips are commonly used in applications where high sensitivity and low noise are required, such as in optical communication systems, biomedical imaging, and spectroscopy. They have a wide spectral response range and can detect light with wavelengths ranging from ultraviolet (UV) to near-infrared (NIR).

The operation of a PIN photodiode chip is similar to that of a conventional p-n junction photodiode. When light strikes the depletion region, it creates electron-hole pairs, which are then swept across the depletion region by the electric field. The resulting current is proportional to the intensity of the incident light.

PIN photodiode chips are designed to operate in both photovoltaic (zero-bias) and photoconductive (reverse-bias) modes. In photovoltaic mode, the output current is generated without an external bias voltage. In photoconductive mode, a reverse bias voltage is applied to the photodiode, which increases the size of the depletion region and thus the sensitivity of the photodiode.

InGaAs and GaAs compound semiconductor PIN-PD chips are mainly used in fiberoptics communication, spectroscopy, in analytical and measurement instruments, precision photometry. They can be produced in top and bottom illuminated versions, have AR coatings or optical filters to focus on desired wavelength sensitivity, and be manufactured in arrays up to 24 photodiodes.

Material Data Rate Active Area Peak Spectral Response Dark Current Capacitance Details
GaAs 2.5G 100um 850nm 0.2nA 0.7pF non-hermetic, array possible
GaAs 4.25G 90um 850nm 0.1nA 0.34pF non-hermetic, array possible
GaAs 10G 70um 850nm 0.1nA 0.2pF non-hermetic, array possible
GaAs 25G 40um 850nm 0.1nA 0.1pF non-hermetic, array possible
InGaAs 2.5G 75um 1310/1550nm 0.1nA 0.7pF hermetic
InGaAs 10G 50um 1310/1550nm 0.2nA 0.22pF hermetic
InGaAs 10G 50um 1310/1550nm 0.2nA 0.2pF non-hermetic, array possible
InGaAs 1mm 1310nm 2nA 100pF
InGaAs 300um 1310/1550nm 0.3nA 6pF
InGaAs 3mm 1310/1550nm 5nA 1000pF
InGaAs 1mm 1310/1550nm 3nA 100pF chip on carrier
GaAs 4G 100um 850nm 0.1nA 0.35pF front-illuminated, array possible
GaAs 4G 70um 850nm 0.1nA 0.19pF front-illuminated, array possible
GaAs 10G 70um 850nm 0.1nA 0.19pF front-illuminated, array possible
GaAs 10G 60um 850nm 0.1nA 0.2pF front-illuminated, array possible
GaAs 14G 60um 850nm 0.1nA 0.21pF front-illuminated, array possible
GaAs 5G 70um 850nm 0.1nA 0.19pF front-illuminated, array possible
GaAs 10G 70um 850nm 0.1nA 0.19pF front-illuminated, array possible
GaAs 10G 60um 850nm 0.1nA 0.2pF front-illuminated, array possible
GaAs 25G 30um 850nm 0.1nA 0.13pF front-illuminated, coplanar GSG contacts
GaAs 25G 40um 850nm 0.1nA 0.15pF front-illuminated, array possible
InGaAs 4G 70um 1310/1550nm 0.5nA 0.4pF front-illuminated
InGaAs 10G 36um 1310/1550nm 0.3nA 0.15pF front-illuminated
InGaAs 4G 80um 1310/1550nm 0.5nA 0.41pF front-illuminated
InGaAs 4G 68um 1310/1550nm 0.1nA 0.6pF front-illuminated, P-up
InGaAs 10G 60um 1310/1550nm 1nA 0.22pF front-illuminated
InGaAs 16G 32um 1310/1550nm 0.3nA 0.12pF front-illuminated, GSG-up
InGaAs 56G 16um 1310/1550nm 0.3nA 0.07pF front-illuminated, GSG-up
InGaAs 1.25/2.5G 60um 1300/1550nm 0.2nA 0.4pF  
InGaAs 2.5G 100x70um 1310/1550nm 0.2nA 1.2pF Edge-coupled monitor PIN PD
InGaAs   200um 1310/1550nm 0.2nA 4pF Monitor PD
InGaAs   250um 1300/1550nm 0.2nA 5pF Monitor PD
InGaAs   300um 1300/1550nm 0.2nA 6pF Monitor PD
InGaAs   400um 1300/1550nm 0.3nA 7pF Monitor PD
InGaAs   1000um 1300/1550nm 0.6nA 85pF Large Area PD
InGaAs   2000x2000um 1300/1550nm 0.8nA 250pF Large Area PD
InGaAs   2000um 1300/1550nm 3nA 300pF Large Area PD
InGaAs   3000um 1300/1550nm 5nA 700pF Large Area PD
InGaAs   180x180um 1300/1550nm 0.2nA 3pF Monitor PD
InGaAs 1.25/2.5G 70um 1300/1550nm 0.2nA 0.5pF

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