Silicon Photodiode Chips

Silicon Photodiode Chips


Silicon Photodiode Chips

Silicon photodiode chips are a type of photodetector that converts light into electrical current using a silicon-based semiconductor material. Silicon is a widely used material in the semiconductor industry due to its excellent properties such as high electrical conductivity, low dark current, and high quantum efficiency.

The operation of a silicon photodiode chip is similar to that of other photodiodes. When photons of light enter the silicon material, they create electron-hole pairs, which are then separated by an electric field within the device. This separation of charge generates an electrical current that can be measured and used as a signal.

Silicon photodiode chips are commonly used in applications such as digital cameras, optical communication systems, and light sensors. They offer a high signal-to-noise ratio, low dark current, and fast response time, making them well-suited for low-light applications and high-speed data transmission.

There are several different types of silicon photodiode chips, including avalanche photodiodes (APDs), PIN photodiodes, and metal-semiconductor-metal (MSM) photodiodes. APDs are used in applications where very low light levels need to be detected, while PIN photodiodes are used in applications where high sensitivity and low noise are required. MSM photodiodes are used in applications that require high-speed detection of optical signals.

Silicon PIN photodiode chips come in wavelength range 400-1100nm with large variety of active areas to best suit various applications. Our silicon PIN-PD chips have high speed and efficiency, high sensitivity, low dark current and can be used in laser detection and control systems, high speed switching, semiconducor inspection systems.

Chip Size (mil) Structure Type Peak Sensitivity
21*26 P/I/N Standard 800
120*120 P/I/N Standard 940
120*120 P/I/N Standard 940
120*120 P/I/N Standard 570
92*92 P/I/N Standard 800
14*14 P/I/N Standard 940
12*20 P/I/N Standard 940
24*24 P/I/N Standard 940
27*27 P/I/N Standard 940
32*32 P/I/N Standard 940
26*26 P/N Standard 940
64*64 P/N Standard 940
80*80 P/N Standard 940
100*100 P/I/N Standard 800
105*105 P/I/N Standard 940
110*110 P/I/N Standard 800
120*120 P/N Standard 940
92*92 P/I/N Standard 800
130*130 P/N Standard 940
40*40 P/I/N Standard 850
40*40 P/I/N Standard 940
40*40 N/I/P Standard 800
43*43 N/P Standard 940
60*43 N/P Standard 940
50*50 N/P Standard 940
77*53 N/I/P Standard 940
60*60 N/P Standard 940
60*60 N/I/P Standard 940
70*70 N/I/P Standard 940
53*77 N/I/P Standard 940
62*62 horizontal Standard 940
70*70 horizontal Standard 940
70*70 horizontal Standard 940
27*27 P/N Ambient light 610
120*120 P/I/N Standard 570
60*60 P/N RGB sensor 470
60*60 P/N RBG sensor 550
60*60 P/N RGB sensor 620
120*120 P/I/N Standard 620
26*26 P/N Standard 850
114*202 P/N Standard 850
100*100 P/N Standard 940

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