Schottky barrier diode (SBD) chips are a type of semiconductor device that are commonly used in electronic circuits for their low forward voltage drop and high switching speeds. SBD chips are named after the Schottky barrier, which is the metal-semiconductor interface that forms the basis of their operation.

SBD chips are made from a metal (usually platinum or gold) that is deposited onto a semiconductor material (usually silicon or gallium arsenide) to form a rectifying junction. Unlike traditional PN junction diodes, SBD chips have a lower forward voltage drop due to the absence of majority carrier injection across the metal-semiconductor junction.

The low forward voltage drop of SBD chips makes them ideal for applications that require high efficiency, such as power rectification and voltage regulation. Additionally, the fast switching speed of SBD chips makes them useful in high-frequency applications such as RF circuits and digital logic circuits.

SBD chips are available in various configurations and packages to suit different application requirements. They can be designed to operate at different voltage and current levels, and they can be used in various topologies such as half-bridge, full-bridge, and flyback converters.

We offer a vide variety of Schottky junction diode chips manufactured both on silicon, SiC and A3B5 semiconductors. Schottky barrier junction is an N-type semiconductor with metal top layer that feature very low forward voltage, high switching speed. For mmWave and sub-mmWave applications we have Thz Schottky diode chips, varistors, varactors and low barrier diodes.

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