Photovoltaic Schottky Diode Chips

Photovoltaic Schottky Diode Chips


Photovoltaic SchottkyDiode Chips

Photovoltaic Schottky diode chips, also known as solar Schottky diodes, are a type of semiconductor device that combine the features of a Schottky diode and a photovoltaic cell. They are designed to convert light energy directly into electrical energy.

Photovoltaic Schottky diode chips consist of a metal-semiconductor junction that generates a built-in potential when exposed to light. When light hits the surface of the metal-semiconductor junction, photons are absorbed and electron-hole pairs are generated. The built-in potential of the Schottky diode separates these carriers, generating a current in an external circuit.

Photovoltaic Schottky diode chips are used in various applications that require direct conversion of light energy into electrical energy, such as solar panels, photovoltaic cells, and optoelectronic devices. They are commonly used in low-power applications, such as sensor networks, because of their high efficiency and low power consumption.

Photovoltaic Schottky diode chips are available in various configurations and packages to suit different application requirements. They can be designed to operate at different voltage and current levels, and they can be used in various topologies such as parallel and series connections.

Diodes and PV cells are both devices made from P-type and N-type silicon that allow electrical current to flow in one direction only.
Problems can arise when the PV modules are connected in series, or if part of the cell array is shaded. In these cases there is the need for
external diodes that serve as bypass and blocking reverse current in solar systems that do not have charge controller.

Size (mil) VBR(V) IR@VR(μA) VR(V) VF@IF(V)
98 52-54 200 45 0.5 12 150 360 2 50mA@45V 110℃℃ 30mA@16V 135℃ 20 4 30
120 52-54 200 45 0.49 15 150 450 2 50mA@45V 110℃ 30mA@16V 135℃ 20 4 30
150 52-54 300 45 0.48 20 150 600 2 100mA@45V 110℃℃ 10mA@16V 100℃℃ 20 4 30

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