Small Signal Schottky Diode Chips

Small Signal Schottky Diode Chips


Small Signal Shottky Diode Chips

Small signal Schottky diode chips are a type of Schottky diode that are designed for use in low power and high frequency applications. They have a low junction capacitance, low leakage current, and fast switching speeds, making them ideal for use in radio frequency (RF) circuits, mixers, and detectors.

Small signal Schottky diode chips typically have a low forward voltage drop and are designed to operate at low currents, usually below 100mA. They are commonly used in applications that require fast switching speeds and low power consumption, such as in mobile devices, communication systems, and power supplies.

Small signal Schottky diode chips are available in a variety of packages and configurations to suit different application requirements. They can be designed to operate at different voltage and current levels, and they can be used in various topologies such as shunt and series connections.

Size (mil) VBR(V) IR@VR(μA) VR(V) VF@IF(V)
16 55 4 40 0.35 0.001
16 100 8 100 0.4 0.01
16 75 8 70 0.4 0.001
16 55 4 40 0.4 0.001
18 55 5 30 0.24 0.001
19 20 3 5 0.2 0.001

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