Silicon Resistor Chips


Silicon Resistor Chips

Silicon resistor chips are electronic components that are used to provide a precise and stable resistance in electronic circuits. They are made using semiconductor processing techniques, and the resistive element is typically a thin film of silicon deposited onto a substrate.

Silicon resistor chips can be produced in a wide range of resistance values, typically ranging from a few ohms to several megaohms, with high precision and stability. The resistance value is determined by the dimensions of the silicon film, and the thickness and doping level of the film can be controlled to achieve the desired resistance.

One of the advantages of using silicon resistor chips is their excellent stability over time and temperature. The resistance value of these chips changes very little over time, and is largely unaffected by changes in temperature. This makes them ideal for use in circuits that require precise and stable resistance values.

Silicon resistor chips are commonly used in a variety of electronic applications, such as precision measurement instruments, signal conditioning circuits, and power supplies. They can also be used in combination with other components, such as operational amplifiers, to create more complex circuit functions.

Thin film silicon resistor chips are suitable for industrial, military, commercial and industrial application. Silicon resistor chips offer tight tolerance, stability and high reliability. Silicon resistor chips can be embedded in hybrid circuits with eutectic or epoxy bonding.

Size (mil) Voltage
10*10 3.6-7.7
14*14 0.9-8.8

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