Zener Diode Chips


Zener Diode Chips

Zener diode chips are electronic components used for voltage regulation and protection in electronic circuits. They are named after the Zener effect, a quantum mechanical phenomenon in which a reverse-biased p-n junction diode exhibits a sharp breakdown voltage at a specific voltage level.

A Zener diode chip is essentially a p-n junction diode that is heavily doped to operate in the reverse breakdown region, which allows it to maintain a constant voltage output when the input voltage exceeds a certain threshold. This makes it useful for voltage regulation and protection against voltage spikes or transients.

Zener diode chips are available in various voltage ratings and power levels to suit different applications. They can be used as voltage regulators to maintain a constant voltage level in electronic circuits, or as voltage clamping devices to protect sensitive components from voltage spikes.

Zener diode chips can be fabricated using different semiconductor materials such as silicon or gallium arsenide. They are available in various packages, including surface mount packages and through-hole packages, to suit different assembly requirements.

Chip Size (mil) Structure Voltage Type
17*8 horizontal 95-130V Bi-directional
16*7.9 horizontal 7-9V Bi-directional
21*9 horizontal 7-57V Bi-directional
8*8 N/P/N 5.5-7.8V Standard
5.2*5.2 P/N 7-24V Standard
6.5*6.5 P/N 5-16V Standard
8*8 P/N 5-24V Standard
10.8*10.8 P/N 7-16V Standard
19.5*19.5 P/N 7-16V Standard
25.7*25.7 P/N 7-16V Standard
14*6.5 P/N 7-9V Standard
10*10 P/N 5-24V Bi-directional
8*17 horizontal 5-24V Bi-directional
10*10 horizontal 5-24V Bi-directional
5.2*5.2 N/P 7-16V Standard
6.5*6.5 N/P 7-16V Standard
7.5*7.5 N/P 5-7V Standard
8*8 N/P 5-16V Standard
6.5*6.5 P/N/P 12-17V Standard
6.5*6.5 N/P/N 3.5-16V Bi-directional
8*8 N/P/N 3.5-30V Bi-directional
12*15 P/N 7-16V Standard
8*8 N/P/N 30-120V Standard
6.5*6.5 P/N 7-16V Standard
7.5*7.5 P/N 7-16V Standard
6.5*6.5 N/P 7-24V Standard
6.5*6.5 N/P/N 5.5-7.8V Standard
8*8 N/P/N 5.5-7.8V Bi-directional
10.8*10.8 N/P/N 5.5-7.8 Bi-directional
9*9 N/P/N 3-6V Low voltage
10.8*10.8 N/P/N 3-6V Bi-directional
10*10 N/P 4-24V Standard
12*15 N/P 5-24V Standard
19.47*19.47 N/P/N 3-6V Bi-directional
25.77*25.77 N/P/N 3-6V Bi-directional

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