Aluminum Nitride Ceramic

Aluminum Nitride Ceramic


Aluminum Nitride Ceramic

Aluminum nitride (AlN) ceramic is a material with excellent thermal conductivity, high strength, and good electrical insulation properties. It is a high-performance ceramic material that can withstand high temperatures and harsh environments, making it an ideal material for a range of industrial and electronic applications.

AlN ceramics are often used in electronic packaging, power electronics, and high-temperature applications, such as in furnace components and aerospace applications. The high thermal conductivity of AlN ceramics makes them effective at dissipating heat and protecting sensitive electronic components from thermal damage. The high strength and hardness of the material also make it resistant to wear and abrasion, making it useful for applications such as cutting tools and wear-resistant coatings.

AlN ceramics can be fabricated using a variety of techniques, including hot pressing, spark plasma sintering, and injection molding. The material can also be combined with other materials to form composites with enhanced properties. For example, adding silicon carbide to AlN ceramics can increase their strength and toughness.

In addition to its thermal and mechanical properties, AlN ceramics are also resistant to corrosion and chemical attack, making them useful in harsh environments. They are often used in aerospace and defense applications, as well as in industrial applications where high-performance ceramics are required.

Aluminum Nitride is a covalent bond compound and is an atomic crystal. It is non-toxic and has a hexagonal wurtzite structure. AlN is a stable ceramic material and melts at 2200 °C. With high thermal conductivity (≥170 W/m.k) and low thermal expansion, aluminum nitride is an excellent thermal shock resistant material. It is also an ideal crucible material for casting iron, aluminum and aluminum alloy.


● Heat sinks

● Power transistor bases

● Microwave device packages

● Molten metal fixtures

● Substrates for electronic packages

Item Unit Index
Appearance Color - Gray / Beige
Microstructure - Dense and fine grain
Surface Roughness(Ra) μm 0.8
Warpage <2.5
Physical Water Absorption % 0.061
Vickers Hardness % 10
Volume Density g/cm3 ≥3.28
Bending Strength [3-point Method]
Thermal @20℃
Thermal Conductivity
Coefficient of Linear
Electrical Volume Resistance Ω·cm 1.5×1013
Dielectric Constant
- 10.6
Dielectric Loss
- 4.6×10-4
Dielectric Strength KV/mm ≥20

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