Boron Nitride Coating

Boron Nitride Coating


Boron Nitride Coating

Boron nitride coating is a type of coating that is made using boron nitride, a chemical compound composed of boron and nitrogen. It is a white powder that has many unique properties, including high thermal conductivity, excellent electrical insulation, and high chemical resistance.

Boron nitride coatings are used in a variety of applications, such as in the semiconductor industry for coating high-temperature furnace components, as well as in the aerospace industry for thermal management and corrosion protection of components. They are also used in the automotive industry for engine components, such as exhaust headers and turbocharger housings, to improve their durability and performance.

One of the key advantages of boron nitride coatings is their ability to withstand high temperatures. They can operate at temperatures up to 900°C (1650°F) in air and up to 1400°C (2550°F) in inert atmospheres, making them suitable for use in high-temperature applications where other materials would fail. Boron nitride coatings also have excellent chemical resistance, which makes them resistant to attack from many acids and alkalis.

Boron nitride coatings can be applied using a variety of techniques, including chemical vapor deposition, physical vapor deposition, and spray coating. The coating thickness can be controlled to meet the specific requirements of the application.

Boron nitride coating is a special anti sticky protective coating for metal casting equipment and tools. It has good adhesion to metal or ceramic materials, easy to use, and provides the most effective lubrication and non stick protection interface. Boron nitride high temperature coating agent is based on boron nitride. After use, it can show outstanding non stick adhesion and lubrication effect in high temperature operation. BN Coating can prevent molten metal from corroding the casting equipment and tools in high temperature, and can prolong service life of equipment and tools, reduce production costs.


● Non-toxic

● Excellent anti-sticking ability at high temperature

● Prevention of metal corrosion


Metal casting tools and equipment release protection. 

Grade Boron Nitride Coating
Compositions Hexagonal Boron Nitride
Binder Clay
Viscosity 4000-5000 CPS
Specific Gravity 1.2
Coating pH 3-5
Solid Content 25%
Condensation Point -2 ℃
Coverage 15-20 m2/L
Color White/Blue
Shelf Life 12 Months (storage above 0℃)

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