Boron Nitride Wax Stick

Boron Nitride Wax Stick


Boron Nitride Wax Stick

A boron nitride wax stick is a solid lubricant made of a mixture of boron nitride powder and a wax binder. It is typically used as a dry lubricant for metalworking and other industrial applications.

The boron nitride powder used in the wax stick is a type of fine powder made from boron nitride particles that have been processed and purified. Boron nitride is a naturally occurring compound with a structure similar to graphite, but with different properties. It has excellent thermal stability and high thermal conductivity, which make it useful as a high-temperature lubricant.

The wax binder used in the boron nitride wax stick helps to hold the boron nitride powder together and makes it easier to apply to surfaces. The wax also provides some lubrication properties of its own, which can help to reduce friction and wear.

Boron nitride wax sticks are used in a variety of industrial applications where traditional liquid lubricants are not suitable or practical. They are particularly useful for lubricating high-temperature components, such as furnace parts, metalworking dies, and cutting tools. They are also used in the manufacture of electronic components, such as heat sinks and electrical insulators.

To use a boron nitride wax stick, it is typically applied directly to the surface of the part to be lubricated, either by rubbing the stick directly onto the surface or by melting the wax and applying it with a brush. The wax stick can be reapplied as needed to maintain lubrication.

Boron nitride wax stick is used in aluminum extrusion process. It can effectively prevent aluminum pickup from extrusion pad and relevant parts, and overcomes the traditional release agents, such as grease, graphite and other pollutive products at the same time. Boron nitride lubricant stick is a white rod solid. It has excellent stability and lubricity at high temperature. So it can extend service life of dummy block, reduce maintenance time and increase production efficiency and make the crush zone safer and cleaner.


● Non-toxic

● Cleaning and easy to use

● Excellent thermal conductivity, high melting point

● Excellent stick resistance, lubricity and releasing at high temperature


● Dummy block

● Press shears

● Extrusion cylinder seal and tools

Grade Boron Nitride Wax Stick
Physical Form Solid at room temperature
Smell Odorless
Appearance White Solid
Solubility Insoluble in water
Specific Gravity 0.95 - 1.05
Dimensions OD: 70 mm, Length: 110 mm
Packing 10 PCS/Carton
Shelf Life >12 Months

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