Boron Nitride Sheet BN-HA

Boron Nitride Sheet BN-HA


Boron Nitride Sheet BN-HA

Boron Nitride Sheet BN-HA is a type of two-dimensional material composed of boron nitride (BN) with a hexagonal lattice structure. It is also known as white graphene due to its similar appearance to graphene, but with a different chemical composition.

BN-HA has excellent thermal and electrical insulation properties, high thermal stability, and is highly resistant to corrosion and oxidation. It also has low friction, making it an excellent material for use in high-performance lubricants and coatings.

BN-HA can be synthesized using a variety of techniques, including chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and mechanical exfoliation. It can be produced in thin sheets with thicknesses ranging from a few nanometers to a few microns.

Due to its unique properties, BN-HA has potential applications in various fields, including electronics, thermal management, energy storage, and catalysis. For example, it can be used as a substrate for graphene growth or as a high-performance insulator in electronic devices. It can also be used in coatings and composites for high-temperature applications or as a lubricant in mechanical systems.

Boron Nitride Sheet BN-HA has the high test purity and lowest oxygen content. BN-HA grade BN ceramic is machined to crucible and plate for sintering of AlN and Si3N4 substrates.

● High purity >99.7%
● low oxygen content<0.1%
● High thermal conductivity
● High thermal durability

Grade BN-HA
Compositions BN>99.7%
Binder Self Binder
Density g/cm3 1.6
25°C Volume Resistivity Ω·cm >1014
Max. Service Temp. (°C) Oxygen 900
Inert Gas 2300
High Vacuum 1800
Flexural Strength Mpa 18
Compressive Strength Mpa 45
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 25-1000°C 10-6/K 1.5
Thermal Conductivity W/mK 35

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