Titanium Diboride Ceramic

Titanium Diboride Ceramic


Titanium Diboride Ceramic

Titanium diboride (TiB2) ceramic is a high-performance material with excellent mechanical and electrical properties. It is a hard, wear-resistant ceramic that is often used in applications where toughness, durability, and reliability are required.

TiB2 ceramic has a high melting point of around 2980°C and a high hardness that is comparable to that of diamond. It is highly resistant to wear, abrasion, and corrosion, making it ideal for use in harsh environments. It is often used in cutting tools, wear-resistant coatings, and other high-performance applications.

In addition to its mechanical properties, TiB2 ceramic also has good electrical conductivity, making it useful in electronic applications. It can be used as an electrical contact material, and is often used in high-temperature applications where other materials would fail.

TiB2 ceramic can be produced using a variety of techniques, including hot pressing, spark plasma sintering, and chemical vapor deposition. It can also be combined with other materials to form composites with enhanced properties.

Titanium diboride is the most stable titanium-boron compound. It has high density and high compressive strength.TiB2 is stable in HCl and HF acid, and is unaffected by most chemical reagents. High hardness, moderate strength and excellent wear resistance make tib2 a candidate for use in seals, wear parts and, in composites with other materials and cutting tools.


● High melting point

● High thermal conductivity

● Exceptional hardness

● High electrical conductivity


● Crucibles

● Cutting tools

● Ceramic targets

● Evaporation boats

Item Unit Value
Ti % 70.5
B % 28.79
C % 0.079
O % 0.17
Fe % 0.019
N % 0.16
Bulk Density g/cm3 4-4.5
Thermal Conductivity W/mK 24
Thermal Coefficient of Expansion 10-6 7.5-8
Resistivity μΩ·cm 10-14
Bending Strength Mpa >900

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