AII-BVI Compounds: CdS

AII-BVI Compounds: CdS


AII-BVI Compounds: CdS

CdS (cadmium sulfide) is a compound of cadmium and sulfur, belonging to the AII-BVI family of semiconductor materials. It is a direct bandgap semiconductor with a bandgap energy of around 2.4 eV, making it suitable for a range of optoelectronic applications, including photovoltaic cells, photoconductors, and photodiodes. CdS can be prepared by a variety of methods, including chemical vapor deposition, sputtering, and thermal evaporation. It has a cubic crystal structure, with a lattice constant of around 5.83 Å. CdS is also used in the production of blue and green phosphors for color TV tubes and other display devices.

Growth methods:
Vertical Bridgman
Diameter, mm
Thickness, mm
Optical absorption (bulk) at 10,6 nm, cm-1
< 0.007
Resistivity, Ohm x cm
Luminescent emission intensity ration, IEx/Iedge (Iimp)
Dislocation density, cm-2
Small-angle boundary density, cm-1
Excition band wavelength in luminescence spectrum, nm
490 ± 2
The variation of local values for wavelength within the plate, nm
The number of cavities with size of 15 - 200 m, pcs/pl

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