Alkaline Metals Biphthalate X-Ray Single Crystals: CsAP

Alkaline Metals Biphthalate X-Ray Single Crystals: CsAP


Alkaline Metals Biphthalate X-Ray Single Crystals: CsAP

CsAP, or cesium ammonium hydrogen biphthalate, is an X-ray single crystal commonly used as a standard material for X-ray diffraction measurements. CsAP crystals have a relatively high density and a low absorption coefficient for X-rays, making them ideal for use as a reference material. They are also used in X-ray diffractometers as a calibration standard for obtaining accurate diffraction patterns of other materials. CsAP crystals are grown using the solution method, typically from a mixture of cesium chloride, ammonium biphthalate, and water.

Crystal CsAP
Reflection surface 2d, nm 2.568 (001)
Peak reflection coefficient Pc, % Sik, 0.712 nm 20.0
Alk, 0.834 nm 17.0
Mgk, 0.989 nm 8.0
Nak, 1.191 nm 4.2
Cul, 1.336 nm 6.3
Fek, 1.831 nm 6.5
Reflection integral coefficient, Rc x 105 rad Sik, 0.712 nm 4.7
Alk, 0.834 nm 5.0
Mgk, 0.989 nm 4.8
Nak, 1.191 nm 5.7
Cul, 1.336 nm 6.0
Fek, 1.831 nm 10.0

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