Alkaline Metals Biphthalate X-Ray Single Crystals: RbAP

Alkaline Metals Biphthalate X-Ray Single Crystals: RbAP


Alkaline Metals Biphthalate X-Ray Single Crystals: RbAP

RbAP (Rubidium Ammonium Biphthalate) is an alkaline metal biphthalate x-ray single crystal. It is a nonlinear optical crystal and has been used in various applications such as laser frequency conversion, electro-optic modulation, and optical waveguides. It has a relatively high nonlinear coefficient, making it a promising material for applications in nonlinear optics. RbAP has a relatively low melting point of around 207°C and a Mohs hardness of about 3.5. Its crystal structure is orthorhombic and it belongs to the space group P212121.

Crystal RbAP
Reflection surface 2d, nm 2.590 (001)
Peak reflection coefficient Pc, % Sik, 0.712 nm 20.0
Alk, 0.834 nm 15.0
Mgk, 0.989 nm 8.0
Nak, 1.191 nm 6.2
Cul, 1.336 nm 6.0
Fek, 1.831 nm 6.0
Reflection integral coefficient, Rc x 105 rad Sik, 0.712 nm 4.5
Alk, 0.834 nm 4.5
Mgk, 0.989 nm 4.8
Nak, 1.191 nm 4.9
Cul, 1.336 nm 5.3
Fek, 1.831 nm 9.0

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