Photorefractive Crystals: BGO

Photorefractive Crystals: BGO


Photorefractive Crystals: BGO

BGO (Bismuth Germanate) is a photorefractive crystal that has been extensively studied for its optical properties. BGO exhibits strong photorefractive effects, making it useful for a range of applications, including holography, optical storage, and optical phase conjugation.

One of the advantages of BGO is its high photorefractive sensitivity, which allows for faster response times in applications such as holographic data storage. BGO also has a high damage threshold, which makes it suitable for high-power laser applications.

In addition to its photorefractive properties, BGO has other optical properties that make it useful for certain applications. For example, BGO has a high refractive index, which makes it useful in devices such as prisms and lenses. BGO also has a wide transparency range, which allows it to be used in applications such as scintillation detectors and gamma-ray spectrometers.

Another advantage of BGO is its low intrinsic birefringence, which reduces the likelihood of unwanted interference effects in applications such as holography. BGO is also relatively stable, with good mechanical and thermal properties, which makes it well-suited for use in harsh environments.

Bi12GeO20 (BGO)
Crystal Structure cubic, point group: 23
Lattice(Cell) Parameters, Å 10.15
Transmission Range, µm 0.4-7
Refractive Index at 0.63µm 2.55
Electro-Optic Coefficient r41, pm/V 3.5
Optical Activity, deg/mm at 500 nm 41.5
- deg/mm at 600 nm 24
Density, g/cm3 9.2
Mohs Hardness 5
Melting Point, C 920
Dielectric Constant 40
Dark Resistance, Ohm cm 1014
Absorption coefficient @0.44µm -
Thermal conductivity @25°C -
@1370-1470°C -
Thermo-optic coefficient dne/dT -
Curie temperature -
Half wave Voltage -

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