Birefringent Optical Crystals Calcite

Birefringent Optical Crystals Calcite


Birefringent Optical Crystals Calcite

Calcite is a birefringent optical crystal with a trigonal crystal structure. It exhibits strong birefringence and is often used in polarizing optics due to its ability to split light into two polarizations that travel at different speeds.

Calcite is often used as a material for polarizers, wave plates, and optical filters. It is also used in various imaging applications, such as microscopes and cameras, to control polarization and eliminate glare. Calcite polarizers are widely used in the visible and near-infrared regions of the spectrum, and their polarization properties can be controlled by changing the angle of incidence or the thickness of the crystal.

In addition to its use in optics, calcite is also used in a variety of industrial applications, such as as a flux in the production of steel and as a filler in the manufacture of rubber, plastics, and paper. It is also used as a source of calcium in the production of lime and cement.

One of the unique properties of calcite is its ability to exhibit optical activity, which means that it can rotate the plane of polarization of light passing through it. This property makes calcite useful in various applications, such as in optical isolators and in the production of circular polarizers for LCD displays.

Birefringence D=he-ho
Refractive index h at l= 0.63 µm Thermal optical Coef. dh/dT 10-6/°K Structure and lattice constant, Å Melting point °C Density g/ cm3 Hardness (Mohs) Thermal Coef. 10-6/K
CaCO3 (calcite)
- 0.1705
- Rhomb. a= 4.989
c= 17.062
1339 2.715 3 a:24.39
c: 5.68

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