Birefringent Optical Crystals LNB

Birefringent Optical Crystals LNB


Birefringent Optical Crystals LNB

Lithium niobate (LiNbO3 or LNB) is a birefringent optical crystal with a trigonal crystal structure. It has a high birefringence and is often used in various electro-optic applications, including optical modulators, switches, and frequency doublers.

LNB has a wide transmission range from the ultraviolet to the infrared and exhibits excellent optical and electro-optical properties. It also has a relatively high resistance to mechanical and thermal shock, making it an ideal material for optical devices that require high precision and stability.

One of the most important applications of LNB is in the production of electro-optic modulators, which are used in optical communication systems to modulate the intensity, phase, or polarization of light. LNB modulators have a fast response time, low insertion loss, and high modulation efficiency, making them ideal for high-speed optical communication applications.

In addition to electro-optic applications, LNB is also used in nonlinear optics, such as frequency doubling and optical parametric oscillation. Its unique combination of high birefringence and nonlinear optical properties makes it a valuable material for a range of specialized applications in photonics and optical sensing.

Birefringence D=he-ho
Refractive index h at l= 0.63 µm Thermal optical Coef. dh/dT 10-6/°K Structure and lattice constant, Å Melting point °C Density g/ cm3 Hardness (Mohs) Thermal Coef. 10-6/K
- 0.086
a: 0.53
c: 5.60
Hexagonal a=5.15
c= 13.86
1255 4.64 5 a: 16.7
c: 2.0

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