Birefringent Optical Crystals TeO2

Birefringent Optical Crystals TeO2


Birefringent Optical Crystals TeO2

Tellurium dioxide (TeO2) is a birefringent optical crystal that has a tetragonal crystal structure. It exhibits strong birefringence and a high refractive index, which makes it useful in various optical applications.

One of the key applications of TeO2 is as a material for the fabrication of acousto-optic devices. When a sound wave is propagated through a TeO2 crystal, it generates a periodic modulation of the refractive index in the crystal, which can be used to control the polarization and intensity of light passing through the crystal. Acousto-optic devices based on TeO2 are used in various applications, such as laser beam deflection, modulation, and switching.

TeO2 is also used as a birefringent material in various optical devices, such as wave plates, polarizers, and frequency doubling crystals. Its strong birefringence allows it to split light into two orthogonal polarizations, each traveling at a different speed and refracting at different angles.

In addition to its optical applications, TeO2 is also used in the production of piezoelectric devices, such as transducers and sensors, due to its unique piezoelectric properties.

Birefringence D=he-ho
Refractive index h at l= 0.63 µm Thermal optical Coef. dh/dT 10-6/°K Structure and lattice constant, Å Melting point °C Density g/ cm3 Hardness (Mohs) Thermal Coef. 10-6/K
TeO2 (paratellurite)
- 0.118
- Tetragonal a=4.81  c=7.613 730 5.99 4.5 -

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