Optical Fluoride Crystals: CaF2

Optical Fluoride Crystals: CaF2


Optical Fluoride Crystals: CaF2

CaF2 (Calcium Fluoride) is an optical fluoride crystal that has a cubic crystal structure. It is an ionic compound consisting of calcium cations (Ca2+) and fluoride anions (F-) arranged in a face-centered cubic lattice.

CaF2 is a widely used optical material due to its wide transparency range, low refractive index, and high chemical and thermal stability. It is transparent in the ultraviolet (UV) to infrared (IR) range, making it useful for optical components such as lenses, prisms, and windows.

In addition, CaF2 has excellent optical properties that make it useful for many applications in the field of spectroscopy. It has a low fluorescence background, which makes it useful for fluorescence spectroscopy. It is also transparent to X-rays, making it useful as a scintillation material for X-ray detectors.

CaF2 is also used in various applications in the semiconductor industry. It is used as a material for manufacturing optical components in lithography systems, which are used to fabricate microchips and other electronic devices. CaF2 is also used as a substrate material for growing thin films of other materials such as silicon and germanium.

Physical Properties:

Transmission range (thickness 10 mm), µm
0.15 - 9.00
Crystal structure
Lattice constant, Å
a = 5.462
Density, g/cm3
Mohs hardness
Refractive indexes
1.6921 - 1.3161
Solubility, g/100 g water at 18°C
1.6 x 10-3

Specifications for windows:

Surface quality, scratch - dig 60 - 40
Clear aperture 90% of diameter
Diameter tolerance, mm +0.0 / -0.1
Thickness tolerance, mm ± 2
Flatness »/4 (633 nm)
Parallelism, arc min 3
” N < 0.5 x 10-5
Optical losses, cm-1 for MgF2-UV (200 nm) < 0.07
Optical losses, cm-1 for MgF2-UV (500 nm) < 0.02
Optical losses, % for CaF2 (4 µm) 5.6 (two surfaces)
Optical losses, cm-1 for BaF2 at 0.2 µm - < 0.20; 0.4 µm - < 0.08; 10.6 µm - < 0.13

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