Single Crystals: DTGS

Single Crystals: DTGS


Single Crystals: DTGS

DTGS, or deuterated triglycine sulfate, is a crystal material that belongs to the family of ferroelectric crystals. DTGS is a single crystal material, which means that it is composed of a single crystal with a regular arrangement of atoms.

Single crystals like DTGS have a unique and ordered atomic structure, which gives them unique physical properties such as high piezoelectric sensitivity, pyroelectricity, and dielectric constant. These properties make them useful in various applications, such as in electronic and optical devices, sensors, and as substrates for epitaxial growth of thin films.

In particular, DTGS has attracted interest due to its excellent properties for infrared detection. DTGS is a very sensitive pyroelectric material, which means that it can generate an electrical signal in response to changes in temperature. This makes it suitable for use in infrared detectors, where it can detect the heat emitted by objects in the infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum.

DTGS is also a promising material for use in other applications such as high-sensitivity vibration sensing, nondestructive testing, and acoustic emission monitoring.

Material DTGS
Curie temperature Tc, °C 57 - 59
Dielectric constant ε22v at T=25°C (f=1 kHz, Ebias =5 kV/cm) 17 - 19
Dielectric loss tg δ at T=25°C (f=1 kHz, Ebias = 5 kV/cm) (2 - 3) x 10-3
Internal bias E0 (T=25°C), V/cm < 25
Pyroelectric constant γ2(dPS /dT), Goul x cm-2 x K-1 (2.7 - 3) x 10-8
Figures of Merit M1 at T=25°C (dPS/dT) x ε22-1 15 - 16
L-α-Alanine concentration in solution, % wt. -

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