Thallium Halogenide Crystals: KRS-5

Thallium Halogenide Crystals: KRS-5


Thallium Halogenide Crystals: KRS-5

KRS-5 is a thallium bromide (TlBr) crystal that is used in various applications, particularly in the field of radiation detection and imaging. It has a high atomic number and is highly efficient at absorbing gamma rays and other forms of ionizing radiation, making it useful in these applications.

KRS-5 has a wide transmission range, from the mid-infrared to the ultraviolet regions of the electromagnetic spectrum, and is transparent in the visible and near-infrared regions. This makes it useful in various optical applications, including lenses, prisms, and windows.

KRS-5 is particularly useful in gamma ray spectroscopy, where it is used as a detector material to measure the energy and intensity of gamma rays emitted by radioactive sources. It is also used in computed tomography (CT) scanners, where it is used as a detector material to produce high-resolution images of the human body.

One of the challenges with KRS-5 is that it is hygroscopic, meaning that it can absorb moisture from the air and degrade over time. To mitigate this, KRS-5 crystals are typically coated with a thin layer of a protective material to prevent moisture absorption.

Chemical composition TlBr - 40%, Tll - 60%
Spectral transparency range, µm 0.56 - 50
Density, g/cm3 7.37
Water solubility at 20°C, g/100 g 0.05
Optical transmission, %
at 0.633 µm > 60
at 2 - 25 µm > 68
Absorbtion at 10.6 µm, cm-1 < 1 x 10-3
Refractive index, at 0.633 - 10.6 µm 2.57 - 2.37
Max. sizes, mm dia.= 100, length=100

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