Thallium Halogenide Crystals: KRS-6

Thallium Halogenide Crystals: KRS-6


Thallium Halogenide Crystals: KRS-6

KRS-6 is a thallium bromide-iodide (TlBr-TlI) crystal that is used in various applications, particularly in the field of spectroscopy. It has a high atomic number and is highly efficient at absorbing gamma rays and other forms of ionizing radiation, making it useful in radiation detection and measurement applications.

KRS-6 has a wide transmission range, from the mid-infrared to the ultraviolet regions of the electromagnetic spectrum, and is transparent in the visible and near-infrared regions. This makes it useful in various optical applications, including lenses, prisms, and windows.

KRS-6 is also used in Fourier-transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy, where it is used as a sample holder or as a window to allow infrared light to pass through. Its high refractive index and low dispersion make it useful in the design of optical systems with minimal chromatic aberration.

One of the challenges with KRS-6 is that it is hygroscopic, meaning that it can absorb moisture from the air and degrade over time. To mitigate this, KRS-6 crystals are typically coated with a thin layer of a protective material to prevent moisture absorption.

Chemical composition TlBr - 30%, TlCl - 70%
Spectral transparency range, µm 0.4 - 40
Density, g/cm3 7.19
Water solubility at 20°C, g/100 g 0.32
Optical transmission, %
at 0.633 µm > 65
at 2 - 25 µm > 72
Absorbtion at 10.6 µm, cm-1 < 1 x 10-3
Refractive index, at 0.633 - 10.6 µm 2.33 - 2.17
Max. sizes, mm dia.= 150, length = 100

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