Photorefractive Crystals: LNB:Fe

Photorefractive Crystals: LNB:Fe


Photorefractive Crystals: LNB:Fe

LNB:Fe (Lithium Niobate with Iron) is a type of photorefractive crystal that exhibits high sensitivity to light, making it useful in various applications such as holographic data storage, optical image processing, and optical communication.

The addition of iron (Fe) dopants to Lithium Niobate (LiNbO3) crystal lattice enhances its photorefractive properties. The presence of iron ions in the lattice creates shallow electron traps, which can capture electrons and facilitate the formation of charge carriers (electron-hole pairs) under exposure to light.

LNB:Fe has a high photorefractive sensitivity, which means that it can respond quickly to changes in light intensity and can be used to store and retrieve information in holographic memory systems. LNB:Fe also has a large electro-optic coefficient, which makes it useful in applications such as optical switches and modulators.

One of the advantages of LNB:Fe is its high photorefractive efficiency, which allows for efficient energy transfer between light and matter. Additionally, LNB:Fe has a relatively low absorption coefficient, which allows it to be used in transparent optical devices.

LNB:Fe can also be engineered to have a range of properties depending on the specific application requirements. For example, the doping concentration of iron can be varied to adjust the photorefractive sensitivity and electro-optic coefficient of the crystal.

Crystal Structure
Trigonal, 3m
Lattice(Cell) Parameters, Å
Transmission Range, µm
  0.35 - 5.5
Refractive Index at 0.63µm
2.20 (ne), 2.29 (no)
Electro-Optic Coefficient r41, pm/V
r22=6.8, r31=10, r33=32
Optical Activity, deg/mm at 500 nm
- deg/mm at 600 nm
Density, g/cm3
Mohs Hardness
Melting Point, C
1255 (Tc=1140 )
Dielectric Constant
85 (e11) 30 (e33)
Dark Resistance, Ohm cm
Absorption coefficient @0.44µm
Thermal conductivity @25°C
@1370-1470°C -
Thermo-optic coefficient dne/dT
Curie temperature
Half wave Voltage

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