Nanocrystals, or quantum dots, are a class of materials that have unique optical and electronic properties due to their small size and quantum confinement effects. They have gained interest as potential Q-switching materials because of their fast response times and high damage thresholds.

One type of nanocrystal that has been investigated for Q-switching applications is cadmium selenide (CdSe). CdSe nanocrystals have been shown to exhibit fast non-saturable absorption and recovery times, making them suitable for Q-switching at high repetition rates. They also have high damage thresholds, allowing them to withstand high-intensity laser pulses.

Another type of nanocrystal that has been studied for Q-switching is lead sulfide (PbS). PbS nanocrystals have shown promise for Q-switching at near-infrared wavelengths due to their strong nonlinear optical properties. They also have fast response times and high damage thresholds, making them suitable for high-power laser applications.

The use of nanocrystals as Q-switching materials is an active area of research, and new materials and applications are being explored. While they offer advantages such as fast response times and high damage thresholds, their small size and properties can also present challenges for integration into laser systems. However, their potential for high-performance Q-switching makes them an interesting area of study for laser researchers and engineers.

Wavelength, nm
Initial transmittance, %
5 - 95
Initial absorption coefficient, cm-1
Dopant level, cm-3
Relax. time of the exited state (4A2 !’ 4T1(4F) absorption), ns
450 ± 150
Relax. time of the exited state (3T2 !’ 3A2 absorption), ns
Ground-state absorption cross-section, cm2
3.2 x 10-19@1.54 µm
Excited-state absorption cross-section, cm2
5.0 x 10-19@1.54 µm
Optical length, mm
0.5 - 10
Diameter, mm
5 - 100

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