Nonlinear Crystals: DLAP

Nonlinear Crystals: DLAP


Nonlinear Crystals: DLAP

Deuterated Arginine Phosphate (DLAP) is a type of nonlinear crystal used in ultrafast laser applications, particularly for optical parametric amplification (OPA). DLAP is a deuterated form of Arginine Phosphate (LAP) crystal, which is similar in structure to KDP.

DLAP has several advantages over LAP for OPA applications. Its deuterated nature allows for a higher nonlinearity and a lower photorefractive damage threshold, which is important for high-power laser applications. DLAP also has a higher damage threshold than KDP, making it a promising candidate for high-energy ultrafast laser systems.

In optical parametric amplification, DLAP can be used to amplify ultrafast laser pulses with high efficiency, and to generate tunable laser radiation in the near- to mid-infrared region. DLAP can also be used for frequency conversion, harmonic generation, and as a nonlinear element in laser-based experiments.

Transparency range, nm 220 - 1300
Symmetry, space group monoclinic, P21
Lattice parameters, Å a = 10.75; b = 7.91; c = 7.32; Z = 2; ß = 98.0
Mohs hardness 3
Refractive indexes:  
at 1064 nm nx = 1.4973; ny = 1.5590; nz = 1.5674
at 532 nm nx = 1.5117; ny = 1.5794; nz = 1.5884
at 355 nm nx = 1.5352; ny = 1.6078; nz = 1.6211
Non-linear coefficients, pm/V d23 = - 0.84, d25 = - 0.58
Decomposition temperature, °C 130
Optical absorption, cm-1 for DLAP 0.02 at 1064 nm, 0.01 at 532 nm,
0.04 at 355 nm
Optical damage threshold, GW/cm2, outside matching at 1053 nm, 23 nsec or 526 nm, 20 nsec > 10
Chemical properties hygroscopic

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