Nonlinear Crystals: ZGP

Nonlinear Crystals: ZGP


Nonlinear Crystals: ZGP

ZGP (Zinc Germanium Phosphide) is a nonlinear crystal that has been gaining attention for its potential applications in mid-infrared (MIR) generation, sensing, and imaging. It has a relatively high nonlinear coefficient and wide transparency range in the MIR region, which makes it a promising candidate for use in frequency conversion and optical parametric amplification.

In frequency conversion, ZGP is used to convert laser radiation from one frequency to another by nonlinear optical processes such as difference frequency generation and optical parametric amplification. This process is used to generate laser light in the MIR region, which has applications in areas such as spectroscopy, sensing, and imaging.

ZGP is also used in optical parametric amplification, where it can be used to amplify laser pulses at a specific frequency range by transferring energy from a pump beam. This process is used for applications such as ultrafast laser systems and nonlinear optics.

ZGP has several advantages over other MIR nonlinear crystals, such as AgGaS2 and AgGaSe2. It has higher damage threshold and is easier to grow and process, making it more suitable for high-power and high-energy applications.

Transparency range, µm 0.75 - 12.0
Point group 42m
Density, g/cm3 4.12
Mohs hardness 5.5
Refractive indexes:
at 2.00 µm no = 3.1490; ne = 3.1889
at 4.00 µm no = 3.1223; ne = 3.1608
at 6.00 µm no = 3.1101; ne = 3.1480
at 8.00 µm no = 3.0961; ne = 3.1350
at 10.00 µm no = 3.0788; ne = 3.1183
at 12.00 µm no = 3.0552; ne = 3.0949
Non-linear coefficient, pm/V d36 = 68.9 (at 10.6 µm), d36 = 75.0 (at 9.6 µm)
Optical damage threshold, MW/cm2 60 (at 10.6 µm, 150 ns)

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