Photorefractive Crystals: SBN-60

Photorefractive Crystals: SBN-60


Photorefractive Crystals: SBN-60

SBN-60 (Strontium Barium Niobate) is a photorefractive crystal that exhibits strong photorefractive effect and is widely used in holography, optical storage, and optical phase conjugation applications. SBN-60 is a composition of SrO, BaO, and Nb2O5, with a ratio of 60:38:2.

The photorefractive effect in SBN-60 arises from the interaction between the crystal lattice and light-induced charge carriers. When SBN-60 is exposed to light, electrons and holes are generated in the crystal lattice, leading to a change in the refractive index of the crystal. This change in refractive index can be controlled and manipulated by applying an external electric field, allowing for the creation of holograms and the storage of optical information.

SBN-60 is particularly useful in holography, where it is used to create three-dimensional images. In holography, a laser beam is split into two beams, a reference beam and an object beam. The object beam is directed onto the SBN-60 crystal, where it interacts with the crystal lattice to create a holographic pattern. When the reference beam is later directed onto the same crystal, it interferes with the holographic pattern to recreate the original object in three dimensions.

SBN-60 is also used in optical phase conjugation, where it is used to correct for distortions in laser beams caused by atmospheric turbulence or other factors. In this application, SBN-60 acts as a self-pumped phase conjugate mirror, reflecting the incoming laser beam back onto itself with a phase reversal that cancels out any distortions.

SBN x=0.60
Crystal Structure
Lattice(Cell) Parameters, Å
a = 12.46, c = 3.946
Transmission Range, µm
0.3 5- 6.0
Refractive Index at 0.63µm
ne = 2.33, no = 2.36 @0.51µm
Electro-Optic Coefficient r41, pm/V
r13=47, r33=235
Optical Activity, deg/mm at 500 nm
- deg/mm at 600 nm
Density, g/cm3
Mohs Hardness
Melting Point, C
1500 ± 10°C
Dielectric Constant
Dark Resistance, Ohm cm
Absorption coefficient @0.44µm
Thermal conductivity @25°C
Thermo-optic coefficient dne/dT
Curie temperature
Half wave Voltage
240 V

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