Single Crystal Tellurium (Te)

Single Crystal Tellurium (Te)


Single Crystal Tellurium (Te)

Single crystal tellurium (Te) is a rare semiconductor material with a layered crystal structure that is used in various electronic and optoelectronic devices. It is a silver-gray material that is brittle and has a metallic luster.

Tellurium is a semiconductor material, meaning that its electrical conductivity can be controlled by the addition of impurities, or dopants, such as antimony or iodine. By doping the tellurium, it is possible to create p-type and n-type semiconductors, which are the basic building blocks of many electronic devices.

Tellurium is used in various electronic devices, such as thermoelectric generators and infrared detectors, due to its unique electronic and optical properties. It is also used as a material for the production of solar cells, where it can be combined with other materials to form thin-film photovoltaic cells.

In addition to its use in electronics, tellurium is also used in various industrial applications, such as the production of alloys, glass, and ceramics. It is also used as a coloring agent for ceramics and glass.

Transparency range, µm 3.5 - 36
Point group 32m
Lattice parameters, Å a = 4.495, b = 3.74, c = 5.912
Mohs hardness 2.3
Density, g/cm3 6.25@ 20°C
Melting point (°C ) 450
Refractive indexes: -
   at   5.0 µm no = 4.864; ne = 6.316
   at 10.6 µm no = 4.792; ne = 6.247
   at 14.0 µm no = 4.775; ne = 6.230
   at 28.0 µm no = 4.716; ne = 6.183
Non-linear coefficient at 10.6 µm, pm/V d11 = 650
Optical damage threshold, MW/cm2 20 - 40 (at 10.6 µm, 150 ns)
Thermal expansion coefficient , at 293 °K: -
   parallel to z-axis 1.6 x 10-6 x °K -1
   perpendicular to z-axis 27.2 x 10-6 x °K -1
Thermal conductivity, mW x cm-1 x °K -1 4000
Orientation of single crystal (0001), (1100) or (11-20)

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