Single Crystal Substrates: GSGG:Ca,Mg,Zr

Single Crystal Substrates: GSGG:Ca,Mg,Zr


Single Crystal Substrates: GSGG:Ca,Mg,Zr

Gd3Sc2Ga3O12 doped with Ca, Mg, and Zr (GSGG:Ca,Mg,Zr) is a single crystal substrate that has been developed as a scintillator material for gamma-ray detection. The addition of Ca, Mg, and Zr in GSGG improves its scintillation properties, such as light yield, energy resolution, and decay time, making it suitable for high-energy physics experiments, medical imaging, and nuclear radiation detection. GSGG:Ca,Mg,Zr has a cubic crystal structure with lattice parameters of a = 12.414 Å and a refractive index of about 1.94 at 1064 nm wavelength. Its melting point is around 1870 °C, and its density is about 7.08 g/cm3.

(Gd3-x Cax Ga5-x-2y Mgy Zrx-y O12) GGG:Ca,Mg,Zr
cubic  m3m  Garnet
Lattice Constant
a=12,496 Å
Melting Point
7.08 g/cm3
Specific Heat
Mohs Hardness
Thermal Expansion Coefficient
Dielectric Constant
Thermal conductivity
Refractive index at 26.0°±0.4
Dislocations density, cm-2
Surfaces defect density, cm-2
Flat orientation
Max. Dimensions
Ø76 mm

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