Single Crystal Substrates: LTA

Single Crystal Substrates: LTA


Single Crystal Substrates: LTA

LTA, or lithium tantalate (LiTaO3), is a single crystal substrate that is commonly used in electronics and photonics applications. It is a ferroelectric material with a perovskite structure and a high Curie temperature, which makes it suitable for use in high-temperature applications.

LTA has a trigonal crystal structure with lattice parameters of a = 5.154 Å and c = 13.776 Å. It has a high electro-optic coefficient, which makes it useful in the design of electro-optic modulators, optical switches, and frequency doublers. LTA is also used in surface acoustic wave (SAW) devices, as it has a high acoustic velocity and a low acoustic loss.

LTA is transparent in the visible to mid-infrared range and can be grown as bulk crystals or thin films using various techniques such as Czochralski method, Bridgman method, and sol-gel process.

Material LTA
Transparency range, µm 0.4 - 5
Point group 3m
Space group R3c
Lattice parameters (hexagonal), Å a = 5.154, c = 13.784
Density, g/cm3 7.45
Mohs hardness 5.5
Refractive indexes : no = 2.183, ne = 2.188 (at 0.6 µm)
no = 2.131, ne = 2.134 (at 1.2 µm)
Non-linear coefficient at 1.06 µm, pm/V d22 = 2, d31 = -1, d33 = -21
Electroptical coefficient at 0.63 µm, pm/V r13 = 8, r22 = -0.2, r33 = 30

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