Single Crystals of A3B5 Group: InP

Single Crystals of A3B5 Group: InP


Single Crystals of A3B5 Group: InP

Indium Phosphide (InP) is a semiconductor material that belongs to the A3B5 group of compounds. It has a zinc-blende crystal structure, and its lattice constant is 5.8687 angstroms.

InP is an important material for electronic and optoelectronic applications due to its high electron mobility, direct bandgap, and compatibility with other compound semiconductors. It is commonly used in the fabrication of photodiodes, laser diodes, and high-speed transistors.

Single crystals of InP can be grown using several techniques, including the Bridgman-Stockbarger method, the vertical gradient freeze method, and the liquid-phase epitaxy method. The resulting crystals can have a variety of sizes and orientations, and can be doped with various impurities to modify their electronic and optical properties.

0.03 - 0.2
(100), (111)
Carrier Concentration, cm-3
(0.8 - 2.0) x 1015
Mobility, cm2/V.Sec
3500 - 4000
Grown technology

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