Single Crystals of A3B5 Group: InP:Fe

Single Crystals of A3B5 Group: InP:Fe


Single Crystals of A3B5 Group: InP:Fe

InP:Fe is a single crystal from the A3B5 group, where Fe refers to the intentional doping of iron impurities into the crystal lattice. The addition of Fe dopants can modify the electrical and optical properties of the InP crystal, making it useful for various applications in optoelectronics, such as photodiodes, lasers, and photovoltaic devices. In particular, Fe-doped InP has been studied for its potential use in high-efficiency solar cells due to its high carrier mobility and optical absorption properties.

InP: Fe
1x106 - 2x107
1,011 - 1,2511
(100), (111)
Carrier Concentration, cm-3
Mobility, cm2/V.Sec
Grown technology

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