Faraday Crystals TGG

Faraday Crystals TGG


Faraday Crystals TGG

Faraday crystals, like Faraday glasses, utilize the Faraday effect to rotate the polarization of light passing through them. One example of a Faraday crystal is TGG (terbium gallium garnet), which is a type of rare-earth garnet crystal.

TGG Faraday crystals are commonly used in high-power laser systems, such as solid-state and fiber lasers, to control the polarization of light. TGG has a high Verdet constant, which is a measure of the strength of the Faraday effect in a material, making it an efficient material for use in Faraday devices.

TGG Faraday crystals are also used in optical isolators, which are devices that allow light to pass through in one direction but block it in the opposite direction. This is important in laser systems to prevent unwanted feedback into the laser cavity, which can cause instability and reduce the performance of the laser.

TGG Faraday crystals are typically grown using the Czochralski method, which involves melting the crystal material and slowly pulling a crystal from the melt while rotating it to achieve a single crystal structure. TGG crystals are transparent in the visible and near-infrared regions of the electromagnetic spectrum, making them suitable for use in a wide range of laser applications.

Chemical Formula
Lattice Parameter
Mohs Hardness
Melting Point
Refractive Index
1.954 at 1064 nm
Thermal Conductivity
7.4 W cm-1 K-1
Verdet constant, rad x T-1 x m-1
» = 632 nm
» = 1064 nm
Nonlinear Index, n
Figure of Merit, V/a
Figure of Merit, V/n2

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