Single Crystals: TGS

Single Crystals: TGS


Single Crystals: TGS

TGS (triglycine sulfate) is a type of single crystal that exhibits ferroelectric properties. It has a relatively high Curie temperature of 49°C, which means it retains its ferroelectric properties up to this temperature. TGS crystals are transparent and have a high dielectric constant, making them useful in electronic devices such as pyroelectric detectors, infrared detectors, and capacitors.

TGS crystals are grown using a solution-growth method, which involves dissolving triglycine sulfate in water and slowly cooling the solution to promote crystal growth. The resulting crystals are typically transparent, colorless, and have a rectangular shape with well-defined faces and edges. TGS crystals can be cut and polished into various shapes and sizes, depending on the specific application.

In addition to its ferroelectric properties, TGS also exhibits pyroelectric properties, which means it can generate an electrical charge in response to changes in temperature. This property makes it useful in infrared detectors, where it can detect changes in temperature caused by the presence of infrared radiation.

TGS crystals have been used in a variety of applications, including in the development of piezoelectric transducers, ultrasonic generators, and pressure sensors. They have also been used in spectroscopy experiments to study the properties of ferroelectric materials and in the development of memory devices based on ferroelectric materials.

Material TGS
Curie temperature Tc, °C 49
Dielectric constant ε22v at T=25°C (f=1 kHz, Ebias =5 kV/cm) 20 - 40
Dielectric loss tg δ at T=25°C (f=1 kHz, Ebias = 5 kV/cm) (3 - 4) x 10-3
Internal bias E0 (T=25°C), V/cm < 25
Pyroelectric constant γ2(dPS /dT), Goul x cm-2 x K-1 (3 - 4) x 10-8
Figures of Merit M1 at T=25°C (dPS/dT) x ε22-1 11 - 12
L-α-Alanine concentration in solution, % wt. -

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