Graphite Digestion Heater

Graphite Digestion Heater


Graphite Digestion Heater

A graphite digestion heater is a laboratory instrument used for the digestion of samples in the chemical analysis of metals, minerals, and other materials. It uses graphite blocks as heating elements to provide rapid and uniform heating of the sample and digestion reagents. The graphite blocks are highly resistant to thermal shock and can withstand high temperatures and corrosive chemicals used in the digestion process.

Graphite digestion heaters are commonly used in the analysis of environmental samples, such as soils, sediments, and waters, as well as in the analysis of industrial samples, such as metals, alloys, and ceramics. They are also used in the preparation of samples for atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS), inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS), and other analytical techniques.

The digestion process using a graphite digestion heater typically involves adding the sample and digestion reagents to a digestion vessel, which is then placed in the graphite block. The block is heated to a predetermined temperature for a specified time, which can range from a few minutes to several hours, depending on the sample and the digestion reagents used. The resulting digested sample can then be analyzed using various analytical techniques.

1. heat uniform, unique wire distribution

2.high efficiency

3. Teflon PFA coating, chemical inert, corrosion resistant

4. fully design, temperature increased quickly

5. split design, the body and the controller are separate, to avoid the acid mist corrosion the apparatus.

6. PID digital controller, intelligent operation

7.factory with competitive price 8.OEM is available

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