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Hot Plate


Hot Plate

A hot plate is a laboratory instrument used for heating and boiling liquids and other materials. It consists of a flat, electrically heated surface made of metal or ceramic, and a temperature control system. Hot plates are commonly used in chemistry, biology, and physics laboratories for a variety of applications, including heating solutions, drying samples, and conducting experiments.

Hot plates are available in various sizes, shapes, and temperature ranges, depending on the application. They can be used with a variety of vessels, including beakers, flasks, and test tubes, and can be equipped with stirrers for mixing liquids. Some hot plates are designed for magnetic stirring, where a magnetic stir bar is placed in the liquid and rotated by a magnetic field.

Hot plates can be operated at various temperature settings, ranging from room temperature up to several hundred degrees Celsius. They are typically controlled by a thermostat or a digital temperature controller, which allows precise temperature control and monitoring. Some hot plates also feature safety features, such as automatic shut-off, to prevent overheating and potential hazards.

Hot plates are available from laboratory supply manufacturers. When choosing a hot plate, it is important to consider the heating surface material, temperature range, stirring capability, and other features that may be required for the specific application. It is also important to follow appropriate safety procedures when using a hot plate, such as wearing appropriate personal protective equipment and avoiding flammable materials.

1.Imported teflon coating, anti- corrosion, easy to clean, aluminum plate rapid temperature increased

2. can handle several samples and won’t cross contamination

3.DBF electric heating, the feet is PTFE and minimize the metal parts into the laboratory.

4.PID control

5.split design, the controller can put outside the hood fume to avoid the acid mist corrosion the controller

6.the dimensions can be custom-made.

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