Leach-resistant Bottles

Leach-resistant Bottles


Leach-resistant Bottles

Leach-resistant bottles are laboratory supplies designed to minimize the risk of contamination or leaching of chemicals from the bottle into the sample or vice versa. These bottles are typically made of materials that are resistant to leaching, such as high-density polyethylene (HDPE), polypropylene (PP), and fluoropolymers.

Leaching can occur when chemicals from the container, such as plasticizers, additives, or residual solvents, migrate into the sample. This can alter the composition of the sample and affect the accuracy of the results.

Leach-resistant bottles are commonly used in the pharmaceutical, environmental, and food industries, where the accuracy and purity of the samples are critical. They are also used in the storage and transportation of hazardous chemicals, where safety is of utmost importance.

In addition to being leach-resistant, these bottles may also have other features such as airtight seals, tamper-evident caps, and labels for identification and tracking.

These leach-resistant bottles are excellent for long-term storage of solvents and trace analysis standards.

Material: PFA/FEP

1.chemical inert, can compatible with almost all chemical solvents

2.transparent, easy to observing the solutions

3.various volume to selection 

4.non- leachable, ensure the ultra low trace elements

5.temperature resistant

6.non-stick, easy to clean


8.screw thread,100% leak proof 

9.factory with competitive price

10.MOQ is 1, most of products

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