PFA Cassette / Teflon Cassette, Capacitor of Wafer

PFA Cassette / Teflon Cassette, Capacitor of Wafer


PFA Cassette / Teflon Cassette, Capacitor of Wafer

PFA (perfluoroalkoxy) and Teflon cassettes are laboratory instruments used in the semiconductor industry for processing and handling wafers. They are typically made of PFA or Teflon material, which is highly resistant to chemicals and can withstand high temperatures and pressures.

PFA and Teflon cassettes are commonly used as capacitors for wafers, providing a stable and reliable platform for wafer processing. They are available in various configurations and sizes, depending on the specific application and the size of the wafers being processed.

In addition to their use as capacitors, PFA and Teflon cassettes can also be used as carriers for wafer processing, providing a secure and stable platform for handling wafers during various stages of the fabrication process.

PFA and Teflon cassettes are available. When using PFA and Teflon cassettes for wafer processing, it is important to follow appropriate safety procedures, such as wearing appropriate personal protective equipment and handling the cassettes with care to prevent damage to the wafers or the equipment.

1.Made from imported PFA resin

2.Used for wafer cleaning when washing

3.Smooth surface and translucent

4.High temperature resistance

5.Corrosion resistance (Strong acid, strong hydrofluoric acid, strong base resistant)

6.Inert to chemicals

7.for acid or base process

8. can be customized and designed by customers request

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