Optical Grade Quartz Wafers

Optical Grade Quartz Wafers


Optical Grade Quartz Wafers

Optical grade quartz wafers can be supplied in a variety of cuts like X-cut, Y-cut, Z-cut, and in diameters up to 100mm. Optical grade QZ wafers transmit the light in deep UV to near IR range and therefore are good for use in optics, spectroscopy, laser and microfluidics.

Optical grade quartz wafers are a type of high-purity quartz material that is used in the manufacturing of optical components such as lenses, mirrors, and prisms. These wafers are typically made from fused quartz, which is a high-purity glass made from silicon dioxide that has been melted and then rapidly cooled to form a solid.

Optical grade quartz wafers have several key characteristics that make them ideal for use in optical applications. First, they have excellent optical properties, including high transparency, low birefringence, and low absorption of light. This allows for high-quality transmission of light through the material, which is critical for optical components.

Second, optical grade quartz wafers have a high degree of dimensional stability, meaning that they maintain their shape and size even when exposed to changes in temperature or humidity. This is important for maintaining the precise dimensions required for optical components, which must be extremely accurate to function properly.

Finally, optical grade quartz wafers have high resistance to chemical and thermal damage, making them durable and long-lasting. This makes them ideal for use in harsh environments where other materials may be damaged or degraded over time.

Material Quartz Crystal 
Cutting Angle X/Y/Z-cut  etc
Diameter/size 1”(25.4mm)-4”(100mm)
Tol(±) <0.20 mm="" td="">
Thickness 0.05mm  or more
LTV (5mmx5mm)  <1µm
TTV  <3µm
Bow -30<bow<30
Warp <40µm
Surface Type Single Side Polished /Double Sides Polished
Polished side Ra <0.5nm
Back Side Criteria General is 0.2-0.5µm or as customized
Scratch/Dig Bette than 40/20
Edge Criteria R=0.2mm or Bullnose
Material Property ECD Better than grade 4
Inclusion Better than grade I
Q-Value Better than grade C
Wafer Surface Criteria Particles ¢>0.3 µm <= 30
Scratch , Chipping None
Defect No edge cracks, scratches, saw marks, stains
Packaging Qty/Wafer box 25pcs per box 

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